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Ethiopian Architecture at SAUP - School of Architecture and Urban Planning


Mekelle University, Ethiopia     www.mu.edu.et

Reiner Grigo has contracted in 2017 as Assistant Professor at SAUP (School of Architecture and Urban Planning) at Mekelle University, Ethiopia

SAUP has launched a master program for graduated architects in autumn 2018, Prof. Grigo has been responsible for Module 2: Architectural Technology. The master courses are given in an attractive surrounding due to small participant groups of only 10 students.Teaching is based on  local and foreign staff (Nigeria, Slowenia, Germany). SAUP is committed to back progressive and sustainable development of architecture, based on well researched information, clients wishes, economic solutions and creativity.

Bahar Dar, Hotel on shore of lake Tana

Main interests of Prof. Grigo in research and development are:

- local fabrication of acoustic absorbers for hotels, meeting halls and offices

- basic research in acoustics, frequency weighting curves and disturbance adequate addition of spectral parts of noise

-identification of realization gaps between theory and practice in Ethiopian construction industry and maintenance


local production of absorbing elements for room acoustic purposes

research in building damages

establishing a laboratory for acoustics and building physics


Software (examples):

room acoustics measurement, building acoustics calculation

Contact in Ethiopia - Prof. Reiner:  local phone: +251 929 070 977

email: grigoreiner@aol.com

Due to the military conflict in Tigray region this engagement ended in November 2020. The Mekelle University is in reopening procedure.