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Ethiopian Architecture


Since October 2017 - Mekelle University, Ethiopia

Dr. Reiner Grigo is working as ass. Prof. at SAUP (School of Architecture and urban Planning) EIT-M, Ethiopian Institute of Technology at Mekelle University, Tigray, Ethiopia

His tasks cover acoustics, building physics, HVAC, material sciences and buidling damages. Mekelle University is starting a master program for young graduated architects in autumn 2018, Prof. Grigo is contributing to Modul 2: architectural technology.

SAUP is committed to progressive and sustainable development of local architectural design, based on well researched information and creativity.




local production of absorbing elements for room acoustic purposes

research in building damages

establishing a laboratory for acoustics and building physics

Measurement equipment directly available in Mekelle:

Norsonic 110 : calibrated noise measurement meter, with

sound meter calibrator

Moisture meter

traffic volume calculator


Donations of further measurement equipment and contributions by presentations and probes are welcome!

Software (examples):

room acoustics measurement

building acoustics calculation

Contact in Ethiopia - Dr. Reiner Grigo

Local phone: 00251 929 070 977


Post Box 1383, Mekelle

  • SAUP room No. 412 - L
  • contact hours: Wednesday 5-6:30 LT, 1-2:30 PM IT